Monday, July 27, 2009

AviDemux: Video Editor

The ED theme song for Bakemonogatari are so good but the album will only be available on 13 August 2009. Exacerbating it more is the fact that gendou has a new restrictions of allowing only donators to download new songs. Yeah, I know I'm leeching but for goodness sake it's only some clip they've taken from the anime. So I thought I'll just make my own. I have always wanted to try video editing in Linux itself. Well, saying it in Linux is not very correct since I've never tried video editing before in any platform apart from converting files to different formats. In other words, I'm just a complete n00b trying to review this software.Thus, you don't have to take my words for it.

AviDemux Video Editor

Using AviDemux I wanted to cut the portion of video where the ED theme song resides. The first step is definitely to open your target video. If the video is too large for comfortable editing, select view and zoom to appropriate size. In my monitor, zoom 1:2 is fine. Select the frame/time you wanted to start copying by selecting Edit and then set marker A on the selected frame/time (drag the progress bar, using the controls or just select Go and select Go to frame/time to jump). Then, select the time to stop copying by selecting Edit and set marker B on that frame/time. Afterwards, select Calculator to choose format of either Avi, Omg... oops not OGM or MPEG. Unless you're creating a video for VCD or DVD, set the Medium to Custom. To make sure, check the resulting bitrate and video size. If it looks wierd, change it to other format (but keep the medium at custom) first and then revert it back to the original settings. With that done, we can now Save. Then, the encoding will start and the output saved at the location of your choosing. Because the video is only a minute plus, the encoding took less time then what it takes to write this sentence. Overall, I think for such simple procedure, the software is quite simple. For you professionals out there, explore for yourself for anything fancier.

The installation is cake, just install from Add/Remove... and search for avidemux. All the necessary dependencies will be enabled unless you have some codecs missing. I also like to add, that avidemux can be your video to psp converter. I will cover both the extra dependencies and psp converter much much later if I can drag myself to do it.

With the clip done, I can upload it to youtube but first convert it to flv format by selecting Auto and then click on FLV. Here's that video clip I've done:

Not bad for a n00b/sedentarian and quite nice eh...

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