Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sugar: The New Salt

Bought 2 kilos of Brown Sugar yesterday because the retail shop near my house had already exhausted its supply. The same thing happens each time a festive season ascends. Hari Raya and the fasting period : solemnity is not part of the practice, is a festival of food. Several suppliers as usual took steps of pressuring the government to increase the ceiling price of sugar. The solution to this problem for now and the foreseeable future are actually simple: float the price of sugar and pressure the larger supermarket chains to reduce the price of the commodity. By floating the price of sugar, suppliers and manufacturers would have to compete with each other and by forcing the supermarkets to reduce price of sugar, we have broken the hegemony between suppliers of sugar. As it is, sugar suppliers are actually working together to force a hike in sugar. Breaking that working harmony is the aim of my proposed strategy.

P.s Brown sugar ain't so bad apart that it has its own coloring (Brown). Still good enough for tea and coffee while listening to the full version of Bakemonogatari ED (available starting today).

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