Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hello World !!

Hello World!!!

This is my first time blogging and as tradition dictates, this is my hello world entry.

With the upcoming gloomy economic prospect, I welcome everyone who is considering a sedentary lifestyle for a change. Thus, I shall assume all blog visitors practice a rigorous sedentary lives and I shall nick everyone here “sedentarians”.


  1. Ah, yes... the hello world entry.

    This was but the first annoyance inflicted on me: automatic hello world post.

    I _wanted_ to do the damn post in the first place, but they stole it! *clenches fist*

    The second annoyance was making use of a flash uploader - those filthy unstandardized heathens!
    *clenches fist again*

  2. lol... I understand... but the blogger also has its own quirks... retarded side-bar... small text area... bla bla.. I really should reconsider making my own website.. at least it will brush up my internet skills.... but meh.. too lazy..