Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ubuntu crc md5

Due to my laziness to find some great topic to discuss, I'd rather be commenting on ster4th md5 solutions for ubuntu. Go to the Synaptic Package Manager (under System >> Admininistration >>) and search for md5. Click and apply.

If you love the terminal just
sudo apt-get install md5

and to check the md5 of your file
md5 filename.xts

for example. The .xts means whatever extension the file is written.

If you need to check the crc instead (for whatever reson -animes and stuff), just install crc32 from either synaptic or apt-get.

In most applications, crc and md5 are usually used to check the file integrity. The reason the file could lose its integrity is either because of incomplete download, missing bytes or wrong downloads. For example, let's say I download several filename.xts but none of them are completed. Usually happens on your rapidshare files. But don't fret, just use rsync to copy each differences in all the file incomplete copies into a single file only. Then check its crc32 and md5 and if it matches the server version, the file has been downloaded completely.

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