Friday, October 16, 2009

Anime: New Season

These blog had not been updated for too long.. but so does my facebook; especially those farm and mafia of mine... On the good side, this season starts with several new animes but the best of them are definitely Kobato, Fairy Tail and Kimi ni Todoke

And so will we, Kobato!!...

Kobato (above) are the latest from Clamp and ever since I saw it featuring in "Clamp in Wonderland 2" music video, I honestly fell in love with it. I started with collecting Kobato manga, followed with wallpapers and eventually Maaya Sakamoto songs. To my complete satisfaction, they eventually produce a tv series. As for the genre, I must say this is basically a shoujo but includes lots of laughter and heart warming moments. Once again, a combination of nice, naive and spontaneous girl wins, although I do like the type of clever and interesting girl in Bakemonogatari but those type are getting stale, so back to basic.

Best scene of episode 2

Kimi ni Todoke has a good romance feel to it without making it boring (my main grumble of romance anime), besides the art are perfect for this sort anime and the characters interesting. Potential troubles are just starting to boil - see the hints of jealousy in the above pic.

As for Fairy Tail, I don't think it needs introducing, above is the promo. I bet the anime will run at least 50 episodes. The anime is quite nice and the action scenes are among the better animated ones I've seen this season. If you like ecchi stuff, go watch Sora no Otoshimono and Kanokon (upcoming). For lots of unnecessary panty shot until you puke watch 11 eyes. That's all for this season anime review and as extra I include links to several Kobato wallpapers (If the link is dead please notify me, so I can upload new links).

Wallpaper 1 (rapidshare link - might be dead anytime)

Wallpaper 2 (rapidshare link - might be dead anytime)